14 Ways To Wear Vinyl This Spring

Last month, Alexa Chung posted a picture on Instagram despairing about the fact that her favourite pair of patent trousers had ripped and that she urgently needed to replace them. With that little Instagram update, it was official: last season's patent trend is sticking around ('sticking' being the operative word with the highly Instagrammable but exceptionally sweaty material).
Following Chung's wardrobe malfunction admission, we noticed all of our favourite street style stars and front row faces at Fashion Month wearing patent leather, vinyl and PVC again – whether it was a hyper-shine trench, glossy trousers or patent booties.
But don't worry, vinyl isn't reserved for those who have the time and money to hone their carefully curated wardrobes to perfection, forever immaculate and ready for a street style pap. It's actually a realistic (and reasonably comfortable) alternative to denim and casual wear for us mere mortals, too. Dressed up with chunky heels and a blouse or dressed down with a hoodie or T-shirt, inject some excitement into your spring looks with a hint of vinyl. Click on for the best patent pieces to snap up now...