Twitter Trolls Attacked Brie Larson Over Her Low-Cut Outfit & It's So, So Gross

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How fitting that an actress who advocates for gender equality would become the target of sexist trolls. Brie Larson, who took home the Best Actress Oscar for her portrayal of a sexual abuse survivor in 2015's Room, is now on the receiving end of gross Twitter comments. The reason? Some keyboard lurkers didn't like how low-cut a pantsuit that Larson wore on TV was.
On Wednesday, Larson went on The One Show to promote upcoming King Kong flick Kong: Skull Island alongside her co-stars Tom Hiddleston and Samuel L. Jackson. The actress wore a (very cute!) olive pantsuit that showed off some cleavage. Apparently, some fans of the show had never seen a woman's cleavage before — the shock! — and totally lost their damn minds over Larson's outfit. It wasn't long before the people — who I can only imagine live in the town from Footloose — took to Twitter to share their outrage.
I almost feel bad for these people but... err, actually no.
Here's the dress:
And here's the bullshit outrage, peppered with vomit-worthy sexism:
It's almost like these people have never seen boobs before.
I think that the thing that disappoints me the most is that it's not just men who have something to say about Larson's chest, but women as well. While plenty of guys made gross comments about what the Oscar winner has going on, it's also women who declare that Larson must "put them away." Well... why? Because The One Show is a family show? I guarantee that kids don't care about boobs, and if they do, it's because their parents taught them that a woman's body is something to be sexualised, and therefore "shameful" to look at.
Larson wearing a low-cut outfit doesn't make her any less of an actress, or any less capable of articulating a thoughtful comment about Skull Island. If Larson is confident enough to don a cleavage-baring outfit, well, more power to her. She looks great, while her haters just look gross.

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