Will NASA's Latest Discovery Mess With Your Horoscope?

Illustration: Courtesy of NASA.
This week, news broke that NASA had found seven Earth-like planets orbiting a sun of their very own. This, of course, suggests that there really could be life out there besides us Earthlings, but here at Refinery29, we didn't just have the astronomical on our minds.
As with all things sky-bound, we had to wonder: Will this throw our astrological fate into jeopardy? Fear not, stargazers — this is one celestial issue that's pretty cut and dry.
Trappist-1 and its cute lil' exoplanets exist outside of our solar system — seriously, they are very, very far away. Since basically every earthbound discipline of astrology pertains only to our solar system, it's safe to say Trappist-1's system won't do a thing to our readings.
That said, don't feel bad if you wondered about this when you first heard the news. Never forget the Ophiuchus debacle of September 2016, in which NASA and astrologers the world over had to speak out and quiet our fears that we'd been reading the wrong horoscope all our lives. Can you blame us for being on the lookout for other cosmic shakeups?
Let this be a reminder, once and for all, that astrology and astronomy may come up against each other, but they rarely intermingle. Now that that's settled, we can turn our attention to theorising what the horoscopes are like on these distant, Earth-like exoplanets.

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