People Keep Leaving Cucumbers At Fifty Shades Darker Screenings

People do some pretty awkward things in cinemas, like the teenage girls who snuck in watermelons by pretending to be pregnant, but viewers at the newly out Fifty Shades Darker are upping the ante.
Three days after the movie was released, an usher at an Australian movie theatre found a cucumber a movie-goer left behind after watching 50 Shades Darker. The usher posted a photo of his find to the cinema's Twitter, and everyone knew exactly what that cucumber had been used for (hint: It probably wasn't meant to be a snack.) But even more concerning for those who saw the tweet was that the usher picked it up bare-handed.
A lot of people thought it was either a joke or a PR stunt. But then another usher found two more cucumbers after a Fifty Shades Darker screening at his theatre in Norway. "Found in room 3 after the 20.00 (10 pm) showing of Fifty Shades Darker," the user wrote on Facebook. "Get in touch if you want them back."
While it's not clear whether the second set of cucumbers were left as a gag, it turns out that the one found in Australia was definitely a prank. A 17-year-old girl came forward after the tweet went viral to own up to it, Yahoo reports.
She and her friends “just wanted to play a prank on the usher," the girl told a local radio show. Well, prank accomplished. The girl and her friends stopped by a local grocery store on the way to the movie and picked up the cucumber. But don't worry, everything cucumber-related with perfectly innocent. “We didn’t harm the cucumber in any way," she told the radio show. "We took good care of it.”
We're happy that no cucumbers were harmed during this prank, but have made a mental note to scan for dildo-shaped veggies after steamy movies like 50 Shades Darker. Also noted: don't pick them up.

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