These Teens Faked Pregnancies To Sneak Snacks Into The Movies

A group of teenage girls rose to instant internet fame after tweeting their sneaky movie-theater snack tactics. Instead of buying the expensive concessions or just attempting to sneak in some food via their purses, the trio decided to go for a less traditional approach. According to BuzzFeed, the girls used watermelons to make it look like they were pregnant. And it worked perfectly. Once successfully inside the dark theater, they whipped out their melons and ate the fruit and other snacks that they had stuffed inside their "bellies." Naturally, they captured the entire experience on social media, and their posts quickly went viral.
The internet is having mixed reactions to the prank. While some think it's totally harmless and hilarious, others don't find it quite so funny. Especially someone claiming to be the movie-theater employee who had to clean up their mess.
Rather than getting caught red- (and probably sticky-) handed, the trio decided to leave the half-eaten melons on their seats. Regardless of how you feel about the prank, we can probably all agree that, no matter how pregnant it can make you look, watermelon is a strange snack to bring to a movie.

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