20 Oscar Couples You Totally Forgot Ever Happened

When it comes to the Academy Awards, it's not just about who celebrities go home with (preferably, a shiny gold dude named Oscar). It's also about who they turn up with, whether that's Mom or the pop star they've been dating on the sly.

This Sunday's ceremony is rife with celebrity couple possibilities. In a perfect world, nominees Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield will reunite and hit the red carpet together. Ryan Gosling and Eva Mendes will get a babysitter. And, while we'd never want to deny Michelle Williams a hot man-date, we'll be a little bummed if Busy Philipps isn't by her side.

Of course, strutting past Ryan Seacrest in tandem doesn't necessarily guarantee romantic longevity, as these kaput couples from Oscars past can attest. It does, however, guarantee a lifetime of fancy photos that can be both mesmerising and unbearably awkward.

Behold, 20 Oscar pairings that you're highly unlikely to ever see again.

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