Milo Ventimiglia Asks A Gilmore Girls Question We Never Asked Ourselves

Milo Ventimiglia appeared on Tuesday's episode of The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon to talk about This Is Us. But he also revealed an interesting question about his other famous TV show.
After explaining that his sling is a handy storage pocket for items like bananas and floss, Ventimiglia handed Fallon a "Team Jess" pin. The host accepted the gift with great excitement. "I am Team Jess all the way! You're the best! You're, of course, the only one for Rory, give me a break," Fallon said.
Ventimiglia, though, was less sure. "I felt like it was maybe a little arrogant to be Team Jess," he said of his character. He went on to pose an interesting question that we haven't given enough attention to. "Were those guys Team Rory?" Ventimiglia asked, referring to Jess, Dean, and Logan.
For a second, Fallon didn't even have a response, his mind blown by the question. We've thought about Rory's relationships in terms of who's best for her — but what if the men in her life were weighing her against other women, too? We'd like to think Jess was always Team Rory, though.
Of course, the actor had to end the segment by tying it back to his beloved This Is Us character. Ventimiglia said Jess was "no Jack Pearson," a sentiment every Gilmore Girls shipper can get behind. Jess is great, but Jack Pearson occupies a special place in our hearts.
Ventimiglia also revealed why his arm is in a sling. He explained to Fallon that he had "some torn tendons" that required surgery. Fallon suggested creating a better backstory about the injury, but he wasn't buying Ventimiglia's suggestions about a burning building or an orphanage. Instead, Fallon suggested that the actor is a "compulsive gambler," and he sustained the injury from playing the slot machines too many times. "I think that's Season Two This Is Us!," Ventimiglia joked.
Check out the Tonight Show clip below.

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