This Video Perfectly Proves The Difference Between Instagram Vs. IRL Makeup

In the age of Instagram beauty, we’re used to dramatic looks — and we dig them. The cut crease eye, the daring lip looks involving glitter and liquid gold, endless contouring techniques. But getting caught up in social media beauty can make us forget that there's a major difference between crafted tutorials and IRL makeup. Enter blogger Amanda Ensing. Ensing starts off her video by reminding us that those airbrushed Instagram looks require a ton of time and effort. Even James Charles has told us some of his looks can take hours. Can you imagine? Then, she goes on to create two separate side-by-side looks on her face — one for Insta; one for IRL —and our minds are blown. It’s suddenly so clear why glam squads exist. The beauty blogger says that she loves the power of makeup and how “it can transform your face and give you confidence” — but drives home the message that none of what you see on your feed is meant to appear “natural.” She even pokes fun at men who make unsolicited comments about a woman's face: “For any guy watching this who think makeup is misleading, I’m sorry if you think my lashes are naturally this big and I naturally have a smoky eye, [but] that’s on you." When it comes down to it, Instagram gold doesn't come easy. So if you’re heading to work, or even going on a date, give yourself permission to take it easy on perfecting that concealer triangle.

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