Melania Trump Is Eating Diamonds On The Cover Of Vanity Fair Mexico

Melania Trump graces the cover of Vanity Fair Mexico, and it seems as if the director of this shoot may be a big Maya Rudolph fan.

The February issue of the magazine features the new first lady getting ready to eat a diamond necklace — as if it's spaghetti. But the funny thing is that the idea of Trump eating diamonds is a callback to a joke Rudolph made on her variety show Maya & Marty.

In a 2016 sketch called "Melania's Diamonds," Rudolph supposes Trump launches a new business venture of her own: edible diamonds. Her pitch being, "We love diamond but we all ask ourselves, 'Why can I not eat it?' Not anymore you can."
Rudolph then proceeds to chomp down on diamonds like they're Ring Pops. She lets us know all the foods diamonds go great with: Steak, devilled eggs, and lobster tail just being a few suggestions.

She even explains how these diamonds are good for you. They'll give you all the energy you need to "stand and wait or sit and wait."

While Rudolph's joke is all in good humour, this cover may not be so funny to the Mexican people. It drops just a day after her husband President Donald Trump proposed a 20% tax on all Mexican imports to pay for his wall.

It's unclear whether or not this will include edible diamonds.

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