Bad Lip-Reading Inauguration Footage Is The Funniest Thing You’ll See Today

Just when we thought the accidental BBC subtitles were the best thing to come out of last week's inauguration, a video of President Trump calling President Obama "a funny wiener" comes along to prove us wrong. That's right, folks: Bad Lip Reading is back, and boy has it outdone itself. The popular video series' inauguration coverage is even better than its version of the Republican debate — and that's saying something. Because, as the Daily Beast points out, throughout the actual news footage of President Trump's inauguration, "viewers were treated to private-in-public scenes between the outgoing and incoming administrations without the benefit of hearing what they were actually saying to each other." So basically, thank goodness for these expert lip readers who are here to tell us the real story. And what a story it is. Melania Trump kicks off the day by awkwardly bringing Michelle Obama a gift of pretzels. President Obama smiles and tells President Trump, "you suuuuuck." Trump informs Michelle, "I like your nail polish, but not too much." But the real stars of the show are an unlikely pair in the supporting roles: former first lady, Secretary of State, and presidential candidate Hillary Clinton — and former President George W. Bush. "Looks like we have a problem," Bush admits to Clinton on the sidelines. "Yep. Leave it to me, okay?" she says. "We're gonna squeeze him." Good thing Bush wore his big-boy shirt for this.

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