Dutch TV Show Creates Viral Pro-Trump Tourism Commercial

Every once in a while you hear about a show that's just like The Daily Show, but for, like, Egypt. Zondag met Lubach is just such a show, but for the Netherlands. The news satire program noted the inauguration of President Donald Trump and decided to do something about it. Their solution, which seems as good as any, was to create a pro-Netherlands tourism ad voiced by a Donald Trump impersonator. The ad touts the Netherlands' pony parks, the huge ocean separating it from Mexico, and the potential tax haven the country would provide for the Trump children. The ad also strikes at the German language, questioning its linguistic legitimacy. Then again, German is probably the only language that has a single word for "gallows humour." If you know what that is, please let me know. I'll be using it a lot for the next four years. Oh, and the point of this whole thing is imploring Trump not to end NATO. Good luck with that. Watch the ad below.

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