Chandler & Monica Bought The Home Alone House & We Didn’t Even Notice

Photo: Danny Feld/NBCU Photo Bank.
It's been 12 years since Friends ended, but we're still holding on to every interesting fact we can get about the show. The latest one? There's a crazy connection between the series and the film Home Alone that we never saw coming.
Let us break it down for you: Remember the house Chandler and Monica bought in the final season? The one that was in the suburbs of New York? Well, 22 Vision has revealed it's the same house as the one Kevin McCallister lived in during the 1990 hit film. (Yeah, our minds were blown too.)
This doesn't mean that Chandler and Monica secretly moved to Chicago or that the writers screwed it up. The happy coincidence had to do more with some good ol' Hollywood recycling than an actual plot hole.
According to the production company, the creators of the show used stock footage from Home Alone to recreate the outside of Chandler and Monica's house...and thought no one would ever notice it.
But 22 Vision did! And yeah, it took us over a decade to make the connection, but that's neither here nor there. Pretty cool, huh?
Watch the full video explanation below.

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