Why People Are Still Obsessing Over The OA Ending

Photo: Courtesy of Netflix
Warning: Spoilers for the first season of Netflix's The OA ahead. In the space of less than a week, with practically no indication that it was coming, The OA has become everyone’s new favourite show. Netflix released the entire first season, eight-hour-long episodes, on Friday. It’s a supernatural sci-fi drama about a blind woman, the OA, who was missing for seven years and who suddenly returns with her sight intact. She tries to rebuild her life but has also gathered a small group of friends to recount her life and death experiences for a bigger end goal. Most of the episodes are recollections of the OA’s experiences in captivity. Spoiler alert: She and a group of others were kidnapped by a mad scientist obsessed with capturing a sound he believes souls make when they leave the body. She was under his control for all those years. The OA narrates her experiences to the group of neighbours who are fascinated by her cause, even though it takes them a while to learn what it is. Another spoiler: The mad scientist, Happ, had been drowning his captives repeatedly and trying to document their experiences in the afterlife. During their trips “beyond,” they learned the moves to a dance powerful enough to alter life on Earth. In the present, the OA wants her neighbors to learn this dance so that she can save those she was held captive with. But the season ends with her friends wondering if any of the story is true. Now that viewers have taken the weekend to binge watch, they’re wondering the same thing. No one wants to invest time and brainpower into a story that turns out to be a mind f*ck. Fans of the show certainly aren’t holding back their feelings. This guy's still understandably confused.
This user has some logistical questions. And I want them answered.
Lauren is just trying to move on.
This artsy chick doesn't know how to feel.
They'll all be back for season two, though.

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