It’s Official: This Is What We Really Mean When We Use Peach Emoji

Illustration: Unicode/Emojipedia
People weren't happy last month when it looked as though peach emoji could be re-drawn to look more like an actual peach. Fortunately, in the iOS emoji release that followed, peach emoji hadn't changed a bit: to put it bluntly, it still looks like a bum. Now Emoji fanatics Emojipedia have conducted some research into how we actually use peach emoji. On the 11th of December, they analysed a random selection of 571 English-language tweets using peach emoji and found that 33% of them involved the supposedly fruit-like icon being used as a shorthand for "bum" or "butt." A further 27% of tweets had sexual connotations, such as "who loves big #booties" followed by peach emoji. Another 13% saw peach emoji being used to represent the human glutes in a fitness context: "front squat warm ups" followed by peach emoji, for example. In total, 73% of tweets involved peach emoji being used to represent a person's backside in some form. Peach emoji was used to refer to an actual peach in just 7% of tweets, though a further 4% of tweets saw peach emoji being used adjectivally to signify "feeling peachy." Emojipedia also found that peach emoji's most common partner in tweets is aubergine emoji. Well, of course it is - they're both as suggestive as each other.

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