Hallelujah — The Peach Emoji Isn’t Changing After All

You can rest easy tonight knowing that the peach emoji in its true butt-like form is still alive and well. The new iOS emoji release, which rolled out to developers last month, showed the peach emoji looking like a real peach instead of a butt. But TechCrunch reports that Apple's latest iOS for developers shows the peach emoji restored to its original form. This article was originally published on November 3, at 9:30 p.m. As part of its new emoji rollout, Apple is giving us a drastically different peach emoji. The main difference is that it actually looks like just a peach. As in, not a butt. Whether intentionally or not, the next iOS has stripped the food of its previous sexual connotations.
This has really thrown off iPhone owners who relied on the fruit for sexting.
Fortunately, people are being resourceful and brainstorming alternative ways to represent the human butt.
Others are getting as much use as they can out of the old one while it lasts.
Which food will they come after next? Let's hope it's not the eggplant.

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