Could We Be Seeing The Return Of Happy Kanye West?

Photo: Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images.
Is this a sign of Kanye West's recovery we never knew we needed? On Saturday, he was photographed riding around Los Angeles on a BMX bike with friends, People reports. His face is hidden behind a motorcycle helmet — not exactly the kind you expect for street cycling, but it's the perfect for hiding an ear-to-ear grin. That is what we'd like to imagine is 'Ye's expression as he lets loose with a youthful pastime just over a week after being released from the hospital. Could the sightings, first of West sporting bleached-blond hair at a museum exhibit and then of this bike trip, signal the return of a happier Yeezy? If he can take a break from touring and orchestrating elaborate fashion shows for a little while, perhaps we'll even see him smile again — despite the fact that he doesn't think smiling is cool. Our appeal to Kanye is: be uncool for a minute. Call up Jay Z, apologise for that stuff you said about him, and suggest the two of you chop up another Maybach like you did for the "Otis" video. When was the last time something made you laugh like that? Or maybe he should just hang out with more kids. For some of us, being surrounded by children is stressful as hell, but just look at how much he loved being interviewed by this random kid at Disneyland earlier this year. It was a moment when he didn't feel pressure to be great. He didn't care about being accepted by the fashion world. He didn't worry about his family's safety. He just appreciated a young fan's curiosity.
Another prescription: Tickle your babies under their chins. It's the best high. Do it as long as you need, Yeezus. We'll be here when you're done.

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