Niall Horan & Zayn Malik Share Awkward “I Don’t Know Her” Handshake At The AMAs

If the American Music Awards taught us anything, it's that we shouldn't expect a One Direction reunion any time soon.
Our first hint was Zayn Malik's acceptance speech when he picked up the prize for New Artist of the Year — his first as a solo performer. Oh, the shade that was thrown.
"This one just has my name on it right?" Malik said with a smile and a very well-timed pause.
But what really put things over the top was the awkward greeting Malik shared with former bandmate Niall Horan.
Despite spending four years together in 1D, the two pulled a full-on Mariah Carey with a handshake that clearly said, "I don't know him." Well, if you can even call what they did a handshake.
As MTV U.K. points out, Horan is the one who initiated the greeting, which was more of a friendly hand-to-hand attack.
A video shot by a fan shows that as Horan passed Malik, who was sitting in the front row at the AMAs (a perk of dating host Gigi Hadid, we imagine), he quickly grabbed Malik's hand.
It lasted just a split second, and it seems that Malik didn't even have time to process the exchange before Horan was off to find his seat. In fact, it looks like Malik seemed just fine ignoring Horan completely.
Of course, no one could possibly ignore this exchange that will likely have fans picking sides. Though, we can already guess which team Lady Gaga's on.

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