Game Of Thrones Releases Season 7 Preview — But One Stark Is Missing

Photo: Helen Sloan/Courtesy of HBO.
Now that we know that Sansa Stark isn't pregnant with Ramsay Bolton's evil spawn, we are ready for some new Game of Thrones spoilers and sneak peeks. And on Sunday we finally got just that.

As if episode 9 on Westworld wasn't exciting enough, HBO offered us a very brief preview of what to expect on the (distant) upcoming season 7 of GoT.

In the video, we see glimpses of Jon Snow, Sansa Stark, and Arya Stark, as captured in screengrabs being shared on Twitter and the GoT fan site, Watchers on The Wall.
In the pictures above, we see a worried Jon, a pensive Sansa, and a concerned Arya. See the trend here? It looks like the family is as nervous about their fates as we are. Among the speculations circulating the web, many are saying that Arya's fur indicates that she made it to somewhere cold, and hopefully to her long-lost sister. It also shows that Jon is still trying to clean up everyone's mess, based on those perma-worry lines. Sansa's hair is also different and sort of resembles her late mother's, MTV writes.

But most importantly, as on heated fan put it:
Seriously. Where is Bran?

HBO, we need an update on our visionary boy. He, as many commenters on WoTW point out, seems to always be forgotten in previews, photos, and spoilers — despite Bran's obvious status as one of the most powerful Starks, thanks to his gift.

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