Turns Out Jimmy Fallon Blew It With Nicole Kidman Twice

Photo: Andrew Lipovsky/NBC.
Pictured: Kidman and Fallon reunited last night.
Either Jimmy Fallon is the world's most clueless man, or he's really just not that into Nicole Kidman. Last year Kidman revealed that the Tonight Show host had once had the chance to date her. Unfortunately, he blew it by lounging around in sweats and serving old Chinese takeout. At the time, Fallon was horrified to discover he'd dropped the ball. It gets worse. Last night Kidman returned to Fallon's show to remind him of the second time he missed his shot with her. If the guy weren't now happily married with two young daughters, we'd hire him a professional wing man. “We were at David Fincher’s house and it was when Brad [Pitt] and Jen [Aniston] were still together, so it was a long time ago," Kidman told her former crush. "You could have asked for my number then because it was round two, second chance, and you still didn’t ask for it, and you know that’s true. So do not pretend.” The actress revealed that her agent had suspected that Fallon would surely ask for her number at the party. He didn't. “We were lurking in the kitchen, everyone went out and I’m like, waiting and waiting and you’re like at the buffet and you still didn’t ask for my number, so you are so not interested," she told a mortified Fallon. "It’s okay." It's also okay to get a little revenge. Kidman twisted the knife by having husband Keith Urban make a surprise entrance. She then sat on the singer's lap while Fallon struggled to regain his composure. Totally stealing that move for our high school reunion, BTW.

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