Emmy Rossum Besieged Online By Anti-Semitic Attacks From Trump Supporters

Photo: Matt Baron/REX/Shutterstock
In the wake of Donald Trump's election to the presidency, all manner of attacks on minorities have been reported across the country. Now, Shameless star Emmy Rossum is speaking out about facing anti-Semitic cyberbullying following the controversial win. Rossum, who identifies as Jewish, supported Hillary Clinton during the election, and shared her disappointment and anger over Trump's win on Twitter. Hateful comments soon followed. Rossum later posted about the spiteful, anti-Semitic words sent to her via the social media platform. The below comment, which references the Holocaust and has since been deleted by the user, is one nauseating example.
Rossum encouraged her Twitter followers to check out the other hateful comments made by the user, as he deleted the tweet after Rossum brought attention to it. The user's account has since been suspended.
Though that message was particularly scary, Rossum said it wasn't the only one she has received.
Some people might see tweets like these and think: Oh, another internet troll. Why give them any attention? The problem is that it's not an isolated incident — and remaining silent only serves to condone the use of heinous words like these. The vile tweet is part of a disturbing trend that finds people using Trump's win to justify hateful actions. Good for Rossum for exposing the bigotry she faced — it may just encourage more people to come together to stop it.

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