Khloé Kardashian's Tea Drawer Is Crazy (In The Best Way)

We know what's in her closet, we know what's on her bedside table — we pretty much know everything about Khloé Kardashian's home life. Well, we don't know everything. For example, we didn't know how she organises her tea drawer. Until today, that is.

In a post on her website, Khloé With A K, Khloé shared a photo of her very organised tea drawer. Turns out, she is a bit of a tea obsessive. She drinks green tea every morning on the way to the gym, and her tea collection is nothing short of impeccable. She doesn't stick to one brand; her tea collection includes everything from Twinings to Yogi teas. She organises the drawer in tidy rows — there are eight columns of tightly packed tea bags. Brightly coloured tea bags reside in the second row, while unlabelled tea is relegated to the back rows of the drawer. This type of organisation is the stuff of Martha Stewart, and we're impressed.
In the post on her site, Khloé says she keeps the tea on hand mainly for entertaining guests.

"People get so excited to try new teas. I always see them standing in my pantry for like, five minutes staring," she writes. Hate to question your logic, Khlo, but do you think they're excited to try teas, or just in awe of this organised tea drawer? Our money is on the latter.

Check out the drawer below. If you saw that in someone's home, wouldn't you be mesmerised?
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