We're Obsessed With These Pumpkin Carving Alternatives

Carving pumpkins is messy. And as much as we'd like to romanticise this seasonally nostalgic activity, the truth is, it's a pain in the ass. So if you don't live in a large country home with a rec room and find yourself in the confines of a tiny city apartment, you're going to need an alternative to pumpkin carving. Because who wants pumpkin guts all over their kitchen (turned living room, turned closest, turned bedroom)? The short answer: no one.

We've covered carving hacks in the past — but even with these easy tricks, an unwanted mess is still inevitable. So we've decided to scratch the hollowing of gourds altogether and check into some alternatives. Gather your pineapples, avocados, Sharpies, spray paint, and crayons — because these six unique tips are about to change the non-pumpkin carving game.
Yes, carving is technically still involved here — but pineapples are much more manageable (and festive) than pumpkins!

2. Carve An Avocado
Finally, a use proper use for the unripened avocados of the world.

3. Melted Crayon Pumpkin
Been wondering what to do with that old box of crayons? Here's your DIY answer.

4. DIY Pun-kins
Why be spooky when you can be punny?

5. DIY Gold & Neon Pumpkins
Try spray-painting miniature gourds for a seasonal table accent that sparkles.

6. Emoji Pumpkins
No carving necessary for these pop-culture faces.

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