Can You Believe These 30 Celebrity Couples Existed?

Photo: BEI/Rex/Shutterstock.
It really does feel like 2016 is the year true love died. But c'mon: This isn't Hollywood's first rodeo. Celebrity couples have been making up and breaking up for as long as we can remember. This too shall pass. Yes, even Brangelina.
Remember when Johnny Depp and Winona Ryder split up and you thought you'd never recover? You did. You survived Jen and Brad, Britney and Justin, and that whole "conscious uncoupling" malarkey.
You also made it through the 30 celebrity breakups featured here. Hell, most of them you probably don't even recall now, even though they seemed like a big deal at the time and you were momentarily crushed. Then, the folks involved started dating other famous people and your attention shifted. It's the circle of life.
Marvel at how resilient you are while scrolling the couples that once were. Ah, young love...

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