Here’s How Alicia Keys Achieves Her No-Makeup Look

Photo: Frazer Harrison/Getty Images.
We’ll admit it: The immense ripple effect of Alicia Keys’ choice to skip makeup has surprised even us. The move has launched countless thought pieces on what makeup means to women in 2016, boosted a popular hashtag, and inspired a slew of other celebs to go without. (Even contour queen Kim Kardashian tried her hand at the look.)
Maybe less shocking is the newest revelation about Keys’ fresh-faced look: Going sans makeup for her doesn’t mean enjoying a simple wash-and-go regime. It takes a lot of effort, expertise — and, yes, money — to achieve her incredibly radiant complexion, reported W magazine.
Keys even still relies on her longtime makeup artist Dotti. Sure, she may have packed away her collection of red lipsticks and mascara, but she's still around to offer facial treatments and even highlight Keys' skin and lashes with a cocktail of different products.
The makeup artist generously divulged Keys' full treatment plan to W. The laundry list includes regular facials and acupuncture (neither of which runs cheap), eating super-clean, and working out. And, brace for impact, the lineup of products in her skin-care regimen rings in at £370. Click through to see every step — and get ready to take some serious notes.

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