Everyone Is Angry At This One Person From The Amanda Knox Documentary

Netflix released Amanda Knox on September 30, and people are already having some strong reactions to it. The documentary investigates the murder of Meredith Kercher, which Amanda Knox was convicted and later cleared of. Among other things, it includes interviews with journalist Nick Pisa, who wrote for The Daily Mail during the time of the trial. He coined the term "Foxy Knoxy" for Knox and admittedly used photos of her from Myspace, including one of her holding a machine gun, to make her look more like a murderer, according to The Sydney Morning Herald. And some of his comments in the documentary have left people pretty appalled. "We're all looking, as journalists, for that great angle or that great line," he said at one point, according to Buzzfeed. "And when you see something like that, you just think...brilliant. It's manna from heaven."
In another part of the movie, he said, "to see your name, on the front page with a great story that everyone's talking about...it's just like having sex or something like that."
He made no effort to deny accusations that he sensationalised the story and put crafting a good narrative before getting the facts right. "I think now, looking back, some of the information that came out was just crazy, really, and completely made up," he reflects at the end. "But hey, what are we supposed to do, you know?"
Since the documentary came out, Pisa wrote an article for The Sun saying he doesn't think Knox was responsible for the murder and doesn't think we'll ever know everyone who was. He also defended his reporting during the time of the trial. "My job all through the case was to get any information I could into the open," he wrote.

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