Guess Who’s Back In Politics Again?

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It was just three months ago that Nigel Farage resigned as leader of UKIP. Half the country breathed a sigh of relief that we would finally see the back of the man who, perhaps more than anyone, contributed to the Brexit vote. But even during that short time we didn't get a break from him. And now, like a bad smell that just won't go away, Farage has been confirmed as leader of the party again.
Diane James, who was elected as UKIP's new leader just 18 days ago to replace Farage, unexpectedly resigned last night and Farage is taking over before another successor is elected. "I will continue as the interim leader of UKIP and we will go through the electoral process," he told the BBC. "I keep trying to escape... and before I'm finally free they drag me back." James quit saying she felt she didn't have enough authority in the party and so wouldn't be "formalising" her nomination as leader. In her resignation letter sent to The Times, James said: "It has become clear that I do not have sufficient authority, nor the full support of all my MEP colleagues and party officers to implement changes I believe necessary and upon which I based my campaign. "For personal and professional reasons therefore, I will not take the election process further." Farage previously said he wouldn't return as UKIP leader “for $10m” or even $20m, The Guardian reported. “No I’m not coming back. I’m retired,” he added. He has resigned from his role as leader three times in total and in July said he was leaving for good because: “I want my life back.” It's almost as if he can't be taken at his word?

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