This Game Of Thrones Theory Will Probably Weird You Out

Photo: Courtesy of HBO.
There's a new Game of Thrones theory in town: Buckle up, because it ain't pretty. A new video by Alt Shift X, a YouTube channel devoted to exploring various Game of Thrones quandaries, speculates that Sansa Stark might marry — wait for it — Jon Snow. Let me explain. Last we saw Sansa Stark, she was spreading her wings and preparing to fly as Queen in the North. She's gone from whimpering princess to undisputed badass. Let's not forget how she gleefully destroyed Ramsay Snow in the season finale — the girl is on top of her game. She has also just reunited with Jon Snow. This was very exciting at the time. In retrospect, it may turn out to be a little cringe-inducing. This marriage theory is based on George R.R. Martin's novel A Knight of the Seven Kingdoms, from the prequel series Tales of Dunk and Egg, which takes place a century before A Song of Ice and Fire. In the series, there's a character named Lady Ashford who has a string of suitors that mirror Sansa's unfortunate experience with men in the HBO series. If Sansa's suitors continue to match's Lady Ashford's, then a certain bastard is on deck. The theory argues that if Sansa's next beau were to continue the same pattern, he would be a Targaryen. And the only Targaryen left — aside from Daenerys, that is — is Jon Snow.
As much as it pains me to say it, this theory could be true. Game of Thrones has proven that it has no issues with coupled-up siblings. But regardless, may Sansa do what she must to continue to slay. Watch the full video, below, if you dare. Side effects may include burying yourself in fan-theory Reddit threads and/or hollering, "BUT SANSA DOESN'T NEED A MAN BECAUSE SHE IS AN UNDISPUTED QUEEN!"

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