17 Things That Felt Like Secrets At University

Photographed by Mark Iantosca.
If you've been to university — or just watched an episode or two of Felicity — you know it can be intense. You're learning about potential career fields, navigating the dating world, making new friends, and discovering the best late-night snack options. For many people, all of it happens while living away from family for the very first time.
Your college years can be filled with amazing memories — spending late nights talking with your roommate, going to parties, and even having a great discussion with a professor during office hours.
But college can also be a time for growth in more serious aspects of life. When we asked Refinery29 staffers to share what they wish they knew before university, the responses weren't all positive. Some expressed regret at the cost of attending university, while others advised incoming students not to ignore mental-health issues.
Ahead, we've rounded up the best advice for university students from Refinery29 employees who've been there. University is an exciting, thrilling, and sometimes scary time. These are the things we wish we knew — it would have made that first year a lot easier.

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