Why Did Amber Rose Just Share These Racy Angelina Jolie Photos?

Amidst the news of Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt's divorce, Amber Rose took the opportunity to share some intimate photos of Jolie with her ex Billy Bob Thornton on Instagram.

"I soooo want my tits grabbed on the red carpet like this," Rose captioned one. "He's probably telling her the nastiest things in her ear too. Damn, they don't make em like Billy Bob anymore."

"Odd time to be posting this when she's going through a divorce," one commenter pointed out. It's likely she was intentionally capitalising on the attention Jolie's receiving after the divorce, which would be even worse.
Photo: @amberrose/Instagram.
Next to another photo of the exes making out, Rose wrote, "I live for this. They just didn't give a fuck."

A commenter called her out on this one, too: "Now I like you in all @amberrose but it is completely tacky AF to basically celebrate the demise of a failed marriage. Some things should not be made fun of, especially with kids involved."
Photo: @amberrose/Instagram.
Why would Rose choose to broadcast these intimate moments from Jolie's past right now? It seems she may be using them to promote her new SlutWalk, as she used the hashtag #slutwalk2016 on both.

Maybe she's trying to praise Jolie for her sex positivity. But even if the intentions were good, the timing seems terrible. Both posts have since been taken down, so perhaps she thought better of capitalising on Jolie's private life.

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