Someone Worked Out How Many Babies Are Conceived On Ikea Beds

Photo: Bloomberg/Getty Images.
Though Ikea offers stylish home furnishings for insanely affordable prices, a visit to the store can be a true test for any relationship. The hordes of people and the decision-making that happens there often conspire to cause major irritability and disagreements among even the most stable of couples. Since it's believed that Ikea is where relationships go to die, it's a bit ironic that Ikea mattresses actually bring many couples together.

A recent New York Times article entitled "Ikea Forever" explored the lasting impact the brand has on our culture. The piece lists many staggering statistics about the popularity of Ikea furniture, but the one that stands out the most had to do with its beds. The article reported that one in 10 Europeans is conceived on an Ikea bed. Man, that's a lot of babies.

We have no idea how the Times got that data, but it does make sense when you consider that last year, about 884 million people visited an Ikea store. As the article pointed out, that's more than twice the population of the United States, and it doesn't even account for the people who ordered Ikea products online.

We're so sorry that we wrongly assumed Ikea was nothing more than relationship kryptonite. The company's beds have actually been doing their fair share to bring lovers closer. If those lovers can ever get their beds assembled, that is.

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