One Dog’s Incredible 35-Pound Haircut Is The Best Thing On The Internet

One dog's journey to a better life started in early September, and the pictures documenting his transition from a neglected life to a happily ever after is the best thing on the internet today. Hands down. First, meet Lazarus, a Great Pyrenees. He was brought to Big Fluffy Dog Rescue, a group that specifically seeks out larger mixed dog breeds to help them find a happy, healthy home. According to a Facebook post by one the rescuers with BFDR, Amanda Brooke Charsha-Lindsey, Lazarus had been cooped up in a poop-filled barn stall for the past six years. This is what he looked like. He looked more like a cumulonimbus cloud than a dog.
He obviously had not been groomed, brushed, or properly cared for in more than half a decade. So, the rescuers got to work shaving him down. In the process, they relieved the dog of 35-pounds of fur. That's a lot of excess weight for one dog to carry around unnecessarily, regardless of his big breed. Look at that doggy grin.
Ever since Lazarus received his life-changing haircut, he is definitely living his best life. Charsha-Lindsey shares updates of the pup as he has a growing fanbase because of his miraculous transformation.
It appears that Lazarus is still up for adoption as he continues to be "vetted" back in the real world. For more information about him, watch the video below.

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