Can You Spot The Hilarious Problem With This Wedding RSVP Card?

We’ve heard of child-free weddings, and we’re completely behind having one, if that’s what you and your partner want to do. However, this hilarious wedding RSVP-card error (or oversight) just took the whole child-at-weddings concept to a whole other level. And if it wasn't making us laugh so hard, it might make us slightly uncomfortable.
A few days ago, a Reddit user named moxin84 shared a photo of a wedding RSVP card that listed entrées that would be available, and asked guests to choose one. The options included beef, pork, and then a rather unexpected third option: children (12 and under). Clearly this was a print or layout mistake, and the purpose was to select a children's meal (i.e., chicken fingers — not an actual kid on a plate).
But leave it to Reddit to run with a humorous slip-up. Moxin84’s caption read, “I’ll have the 10 year old, please, medium, rare…" and the post quickly went viral from there. Commenters threw in their own funny responses, like “Excellent choice, sir. 2006 was a fabulous year for children” and “Free roaming and gluten free please." Though the jokes are a bit twisted, you kind of just have to laugh at this unintentional slip-up. (Cosmopolitan)

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