Irina Shayk's Quote About Her Sexuality Seems A Little Tone-Deaf

Sorry, ladies: Irina Shayk could never be your woman.

The supermodel, who happens to be dating Bradley Cooper, asserted her sexuality in an interview for GQ Italia this month. Givenchy designer Riccardo Tisci asked the Russian-born 30-year-old if she ever found herself attracted to the beautiful female models she works with, and Shayk was quick to shut it down.

"No way," she responded, according to E News. "I'm Russian: I'm into men, diamonds, and caviar."

Guess someone better break the news to Russia's lesbian community.
Shayk, who posed nude for the magazine, may well have been acting flippant, but it's hard to ignore her home country's conservative views about homosexuality. Same-sex marriage is not legal in Russia, and recent years have seen the passing of propaganda laws that critics have decried as "anti-gay." The International Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Trans and Intersex Association has ranked Russia as the second-worst European country for LGBTI individuals.

Of course, Shayk is free to date whomever she likes. If she falls on the "super straight" end of the Kinsey scale, so be it. At the risk of sounding overly PC, however, her phrasing and eagerness to lump her heterosexuality into her national identity feels insensitive and tone-deaf. It sounds like something a Bond villain might say before hopping into bed with 007, not what you'd expect to hear from a woman who goes on dates to the DNC.

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