Pretty Little Liars Season 7, Episode 7 Recap: Noel Kahn Is Everywhere

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In true Rosewood fashion, this week's Pretty Little Liars involved the police force not doing their job, the residents of Rosewood making the same mistakes they made in the past, and Spencer (Troian Bellisario) crying.
The police force naturally didn't look into Sara's (Dre Davis) obvious murder, and instead declared no foul play. Actually, they just left the room of the crime open to anyone who wanted to enter including Hanna (Ashley Benson), Caleb (Tyler Blackburn), Spencer, and Noel (Brant Daugherty). The latter is acting sketchy...again. Personally, I'm hoping in the finale we find out that all the previous red herrings were evil all along — Mona (Janel Parrish), Noel, Toby (Keegan Allen), Ezra (Ian Harding), Charlotte (Vanessa Ray), Ian (Ryan Merriman), Garrett (Yani Gellman), Melissa (Torrey DeVitto), Wren (Julian Morris), Jason (Drew Van Acker). The only way to explain all the craziness is if the whole town was involved.
It looks like at least one of those previous red herrings is fleeing the state. Toby is moving to Maine with Yvonne, so it seems for now that Spencer lost both loves of her life in the last week. I have a feeling Toby won't be staying lost for long though. It's not like the Rosewood police force can afford to lose even one team member.
The biggest shocker of all though came at the very end — Jessica DiLaurentis (Andrea Parker) had her own private lair where she stalked the girls. Seriously, the FBI should only recruit in Rosewood because everyone is an expert at stalking people without getting caught. She was keeping quite a secret too — Charlotte has another biological sibling. Who is Mary Drake's other child? Your guess is as good as ours. The writers want us to believe it's Noel, so naturally we should look at anyone else.
Here are the other 29 questions we thought while watching this week's episode:
1. Why would they all get name necklaces after those damn name bracelets were such a problem last time? Extra credit for being a classy step up aesthetic-wise though.
2. Why didn't Emily (Shay Mitchell) tell the girls about Sara's confession that Jenna (Tammin Sursok) wasn't Uber A before now? That wasn't just a casual, everyday conversation.
3. Why is Emily's mom around more now that her daughter is an adult than she was the whole time Emily was in high school?
4. Why would Jenna try to kiss her step-brother again? They all are just continually trying to make the same mistakes from the past.
5. Why did Spencer have to tell Toby that the address on the police alert was his address? That's information you should know, bro.
6. What is going on with Jason's hair?
7. Why did Jason not try to get answers from Mary Drake before kicking her out of the house?
8. Why does Ali always trust her surprise family member? First Charlotte and now Mary Drake, even though they have both admitted to torturing her intentionally in the past.
9. Why would Toby keep a file in his apartment about "A"? Be smarter.
10. Why does Ezra want to elope and leave so quickly? Oh yeah, because he's sketchy and knows their marriage is not a good idea.
11. Why would Aria and Jason keep their past relationship a secret?
12. Honestly, it never came up to tell Ali, "Hey, you know the friend that murdered someone for you, and was being tortured for years because of you...yeah, I'm dating her"?
13. Seriously, how are they always taking advantage of and joking about a girl being blind when they are the ones that blinded her? That is cruel even for them.
14. Why are so many people able to get access to the room someone was murdered in the previous night?
15. Does Toby realise it's weird he made his ex-girlfriend stay at the hospital to be there when his fiancé wakes up?
16. How did Emily not recognise that the note was written in A's handwriting?
17. Why did Aria agree to come to this weird dinner? Going to family dinners with Jason is not the best way to keep your previous secret fling a secret.
18. Is everyone forgetting Aria just got back together with Ezra after a five-year separation? He has never known the adult Aria, they should not elope.
19. How long has Toby been working on this crazy house if he started building it for Spencer? Five years is some Notebook-type situation.
20. Does Toby actually think he can compete with Ryan Gosling? He can't.
21. Is he finally going to admit that he is the one that built the dollhouse during one of his far away carpenter jobs? Nope, that would be asking too much.
22. Will Spencer ever get an episode where she doesn't have to cry over a broken heart?
23. Why did Mrs. DiLaurentis not adopt Mary Drake's second child? That seems exceptionally rude, but cheers to Hanna for the best one-liner of the night: "Well that's great — now you have another cousin who wants to kills us."
24. Why did A take Aria's file? It is very convenient for all those Aria-is-A theorists.
25. Ugh, are we supposed to care about Nicole again?
26. How is Noel related to all of this? I get that people will want him to be the twin, but he had a brother that looked eerily like him, so I would want an explanation for that.
27. So is Jason somehow the sibling? I know he is not the right age, but he also knew about the lair and he has some benefit in protecting Aria.
28. How were all of these people stalking the girls yet no one caught the murderer after them? During the same time period Mona was following them as A, Charlotte was following them as A, Jessica was "looking for Ali", Ezra was doing "book research," Uber A was out to get them, basically all the police force was trying to find a reason to arrest them, and most likely N.A.T. club was still taking secret video footage of their every move.
29. If any of the above people tracking the girls every move were good, WHY would they not turn in the murderer already? The town clearly was in agreement that the Liars were their own non-virgin sacrifices.

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