Something Still Isn’t Right With Marina Joyce

Photo: Marina Joyce.
This story just keeps getting stranger and stranger. During the last week of July, the internet was in a panic over the safety of YouTuber Marina Joyce. Many fans remarked on how different the teen seemed in her latest vlogs, vacant-eyed and devoid of her usual charm and humour, and feared she may have been kidnapped. Joyce herself, as well as her mother and some friends, assured everyone that she was fine, though many still believed she might be afraid for, and not in control of, her life. On Sunday, Joyce posted a lengthy and confusing letter on Facebook, calling on her fans to help her build a temple in Peru. She begins the disturbing note by referring to herself as "Marina, the Goddess of Love," and continues to refer to herself as a god throughout, noting that she has special abilities.
"I found a couple secrets about the After Life and I know that I can still contact humans during the afterlife and I want to become this because I want to one day Create a Temple and a Shrine where I am known as God of the Shrine," part of the message reads. "I would like to spend my time there with people drawing art, doing meditation, understanding people, helping them with their problems, finding them extreme spiritual help and guidance, bringing them closer to Spiritual After-life Gods which can help them to produce magic to do incredible things, so that you're guaranteed a safe spot in the after-life and you're promised spiritual protection moreso than being a religious person, sacred symbols to represent this, chanting and many fun activities for lots of people to join in on!" It's clear from her nonsensical ramblings, that something might be off with Joyce. The comments on the post range from fans pledging to help her raise money for her temple, to others commenting (with varying supportiveness) on the state of her mental health. Her Twitter features a similarly spooky post, where she writes, "Marina, The Goddess of Love By this I mean I am a Soul Entity bound to you by how much I love you in my heart," followed by the same unrelated photograph. Here's hoping Marina is able to get what she needs.

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