Redditors Have Some New Information That Could Exonerate Steven Avery

Photo: Courtesy of Netflix.
Making a Murderer has brought out everyone's inner detective. Fan theories about its subject Steven Avery's guilt and innocence have abounded on Reddit since the Netflix docu-series came out last winter. Now, with the second season coming up, Reddit's super-sleuths have been sharing some new information that could change how we see Avery, Uproxx reported. The evidence concerns the fire found behind Avery's house, which prosecutors took as proof that he had burned Teresa Halbach's body after murdering her. The prosecution claimed there was no DNA in the bones because they were basically burned to smithereens. The defence said Avery used the fire pit to dispose of animal remains after hunting. And Redditor foghaze has pointed out that one of the bones from the firepit indeed resembles a bird bone, which would support that claim. Does this mean Avery is innocent? On its own, no. The fact that an animal's bones were in that fire doesn't mean Halbach's weren't also, and even if she wasn't burned there, she still could have been killed by Avery. But this new development does call into question one key piece of evidence in the trial.

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