14 Female Celebrities Who Say Life Gets Better After 30

Photos: REX/Shutterstock.
I think it's safe to say that we're finally getting over the myth that things start going downhill at age 30. But there's still an odd stigma attached to the number, as if entering your 30s means your youth is behind you. The truth? Many women feel like their lives get better after 30.
Obviously, there's nothing magical about the big 3-0, and everybody experiences ageing differently. But the way lot of women talk about it, there are some lovely life changes that can come into play during our fourth decade. Petty bullshit falls away. What matters to you comes into focus. "IDGAF" becomes something of a mantra. Your identity crystallises. You worry a little less about what other people think. You've gained some wisdom. You feel more confident, more sexy, more peaceful, more whatever.
At least, that's how these female celebrities feel about their 30s. From Reese Witherspoon to Kristen Wiig, here are 14 famous women who say life in your 30s rocks.

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