Samuel L. Jackson Narrates The Best Game Of Thrones Recap You'll Ever See

Ever said to yourself, "You know, I'd probably really like Game of Thrones, but I'm so far behind I couldn't possibly catch up"? Do you often feel that everything would be infinitely more enjoyable if Samuel L. Jackson were involved? Boy, is today your lucky day.

Some genius decided to recruit Jackson for a video recapping everything that's happened on Game of Thrones so far: Robert Baratheon's reign, Robb Stark's unfortunate wedding experience, Daenerys' dragons, and so on. It's handy — even we struggle to keep up with some of this stuff — but also hilarious.

"Nice family, right?" he quips as a shot of the Starks hits the screen. "Don't get too attached. Just saying."

Watch as he mocks Cersei and Jaime's incestuous relationship, that "long-ass" winter, and "this asshole" Joffrey. We couldn't have said it better.

Video: Courtesy of HBO.

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