#MoreThanMeat Takes On Tinder Objectification

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Ah, Tinder. Sure, the ubiquitous dating app lets you swipe right for love (assuming that you have the "right" occupation and know your way around a GIF, of course), find a summer vacation companion, or even test-drive a new best friend. But the popular smartphone matchmaker is also home to enough creepy come-ons and unsolicited dick pics to make your head spin. The app, which shamelessly ranks its users' desirability, can even, at its worst, go so far as to be blatantly disability-shaming. But what's a modern guy or gal to do when faced with such disheartening objectification? Why, take a meat selfie, of course! Siren, a dating app that launched in the fall of 2015, has pitted itself against Tinder with its new #MoreThanMeat campaign, which enables, as well as encourages, Tinder users to make a "MeatFace" with of their profile picture, reports Mic. "Let's turn Tinder into the meat shop that it really is," the campaign's selfie-generating website, which was created by Hello Velocity, proudly proclaims. "Dating apps should treat you like a person." And every person is welcome to turn their likeness into a meaty profile pic. You can create your own MeatFace selfie whether or not you have a Siren account. "Tinder feels like a crazy stupid frat party," Siren CEO and cofounder Susie Lee told Mic. "That's not honestly how you'd navigate your life most of the time." Instead, Lee and her company hope to use "technology to create a more humane space for people to meet and really solve the problem of loneliness."

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