Cersei Will Marry Another Villain, Says This Game Of Thrones Theory

photo: courtesy of HBO
Cersei is, at long last, on the Iron Throne. Though she might have preferred a different route than her last child taking a header out of a castle window, we suppose she’ll have to take it. But how will she hang onto the thing now that she has it? Redditor Sam_Stark theorises that Cersei can consolidate her power by marrying Euron Greyjoy. “Although Euron did set out to build those 1000 ships for Dany, I could see him pivoting fairly easy to team Cersei now that she's queen and he has no other figure to back,” Sam_Stark writes. “This would mean that Cersei not only has the biggest Navy in Westeros to defend the Blackwater from Dany, but she would also have the backing of the Lannister Army and the White Cloaks.” Euron already tends towards evil and has been clear about his desire to have the Iron Throne. He could get that, add his fleet, and also take revenge on his niece and nephew, Yara and Theon. His predilection for the darker side of magic would also mesh well with Cersei's penchant for murder. (We don’t think he would blink twice if given the opportunity to blow up the Sept of Baelor, put it that way.) That being said, Cersei doesn’t seem eager to marry again. Especially given that she can now just go to town on brother Jaime without a second thought. But she is a cold-eyed pragmatist when it comes to world affairs. And he doesn't seem so keen on her since the season six finale.

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