Ed Sheeran Celebrates One-Year Anniversary In Epic Taylor Swift Photobomb

Taylor Swift’s Fourth of July celebration has been a veritable goldmine of interesting nuggets. So far, we’ve been fascinated by her squad pictures and loved the impromptu “Baby One More Time” cover. Oh, and Calvin Harris was there in spirit. Now we learn that there was another reason to celebrate. Ed Sheeran and Cherry Seaborn celebrated their one year anniversary and photobombed the shit out of this photo of Swift associate Abigail Anderson and her fiancé Matt Lucier. Nice kiss guys, and even nicer banners. But that wasn’t the only photobomb present. Tom Hiddleston is there! You can just make him out, reprising his role in High Rise by lurking like a besuited wallflower while everyone else is engaged in orgiastic glee. That’s role commitment: Always be acting, even when you don’t think you’re in the shot. On the other hand, poor Tom. All he wants to do is form a new portmanteau couple and brutally establish England’s superiority over Scotland via proxy romantic war. And now he’s involved in the international intrigue of a full-on Swift Squad Celebration. Be well, Tom.

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