Your Horoscope This Week — Jun 26 2016

Photographed by John Lisle
Illustrated by Christine Hahn.
Summon your inner Amber Rose. This week’s sex-positive starmap has zero shame in its game. On Wednesday, red-hot Mars snaps out of a retrograde that started in lusty Sagittarius on April 17, then backtracked into steamy Scorpio on May 27. This wasn’t exactly an ice-cold shower, but it certainly slowed down the spring-fever vibes. Ah, well, summer lovin’ can more than make up for it now that Mars is back on point. Until August 2, the red planet slinks seductively through Scorpio, sounding the call for pleasure and playtime. (A little role-playing, anyone?) But be forewarned: Mars energy is a potent brew, especially in Scorpio. Avoid coming on too strong, and check any jealousy before it overtakes your rational brain. Remember, too, that sex is sex and love is love. Sometimes they come in the same package, but you can’t force it!
Also, on Wednesday, chatty Mercury changes signs, leaving garrulous Gemini and chilling in caretaking Cancer until July 13. Enough with the random acquaintances filling all our spare hours. It’s time to give close friends and family top priority. J.T.’s "Can’t Stop the Feeling" could be the song of the summer for a few weeks, because this Mercury cycle definitely makes everyone a lot more emo. Don’t fight the feels, but don’t feel obligated to discuss every last one of them over wine slushies. A locked diary can be your best friend during these intimate three weeks.

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