This Game Of Thrones Photo Could Signal The Return Of A Fan Favourite

Arya’s status is the biggest cliffhanger this week on Game of Thrones. You’ll recall that she was brutally stabbed in the gut multiple times by The Waif after leaving the Faceless Men and readopting her own identity. Now, a reddit fan theory says that she may be getting help from an old ally. Like, extremely old. Like, first season old. Take a close look at this photo, of The Waif standing in a doorway.
If you don’t notice much, you’re not as attentive as eagle-eyed redditor b_walker08. He posits that it's the outline of Syrio Forel, the dancing master who was secretly teaching Arya how to wield a sword before the Starks were hunted down in King’s Landing.
The last time we saw him he was fighting off Lannister soldiers using only a wooden stick. Yeah. They don’t call him The First Sword of Braavos for nothing.
We thought that he was killed offscreen by Ser Meryn Trant, the guy who Arya murks at the end of season five. Rumours of his death could be greatly exaggerated. Especially considering the last exchange he has with Arya: “What do we say to the god of death?” Forel asks. “Not today,” Arya replies. “Normally [I’d] think this is just another redditor grasping at straws but that silhouette really has an uncanny resemblance lol,” fudginreddit writes. We agree. And actor Miltos Yerolemou didn’t exactly deny it when he was asked about it on Twitter. The character’s resurrection would go a long way to explaining why Yerolemou hasn’t taken the role out of his Twitter bio. Otherwise that would be kind of sad.
Plus, final piece of evidence, here he is on SKY aftershow Thronecast discussing his character’s association with the Faceless Men.
We only have to wait until Sunday to find out.

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