Game Of Thrones Theory Says Major Character Will Die By A Loved One’s Hand

Potential spoilers ahead, obviously. Cersei and Jaime’s incestuous love affair kicked off the events of Game of Thrones. And now a fan theory posits that their love affair could come to a sudden stop if the possibly-upcoming trial-by-combat doesn’t go Cersei’s way. Redditor redough posits that Jaime will kill Cersei as he killed the Mad King. Remember that the Mad King has stored a ton of wildfire, the same magic Tyrion used to devastate Stannis’ fleet at Blackwater, under the city. He was prepared to burn the city to the ground when Jaime stepped in. “Aerys's wildfire bomb didn't go off because Jamie stopped him,” redough writes. “With this being said the bomb is lost in the city. Cersei knows about the wildfire and has the pyromancer produce more and more of it. If Cersei just loses it she has the power to destroy the city.” The redditor goes on to say that Jaime would of course be obliged to save King’s Landing once again. This time, that would mean killing his beloved Cersei. That would also explain why Daenerys sees the throne room in ruins in her vision at the House of the Undying. While this theory might seem far-fetched, it isn’t that crazy. We’re overdue for a major character death. After all, even though Hodor was a fan favorite, he wasn’t critical to the functioning of the world.

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