Game Of Thrones Made Coming Out NBD Last Night

In an otherwise not-super-exciting episode of Game of Thrones on Sunday, we learned that Yara Greyjoy likes having sex with women. Even better? It's treated as NBD. The show doesn't present her sexual preference as some big, shocking reveal — in fact, it goes unacknowledged. (It's worth noting that mouthing a topless woman's breasts in public would constitute a "moment" on pretty much any other show, but at this point sex workers and female anatomy are pretty much background noise on GoT.) Before hitting the high seas, Yara and the boys kick back in a tavern, where Yara takes a woman to bed — until now, an exclusively male pre-battle ritual on GoT. I believe her exact words are, "Now, since it's my last night on shore for a while, I'm going to go fuck the tits off this one."
And here is that moment again, in all its casual glory.
It was refreshing to see Yara's sexuality treated as blithely as, say, Oberyn Martell's, who was bisexual. And it marks a very welcome departure from the franchise canon, in case you were wondering whether this detail is part of the character's story all along. After fans spotted the scene in a season 6 trailer, George R.R. Martin was asked whether Yara (named Asha in the books) is gay. Martin responded on his blog, "I have a number of lesbian and bisexual women in the novels (and a couple who experiment), but Asha [Yara] is not one of them. Unless I am forgetting something..."
Well, fans didn't seem to mind the alteration, as most people on social media were pretty damn happy about it.
And one viewer posited our new favourite fan theory: Yara and Daenerys become the co-queens of Westeros together. Oh, hell yeah.

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