This Friends Fan Trolled A Texter By Pretending To Be Ross

Photo: Dave Bjerke/NBC/Getty Images.
When a Friends fan got a text from someone named Sasha who had the wrong number and was looking for a friend named Ross, they couldn't help but have some fun with the mistake. So, the mega fan decided to pretend to be Ross Geller. "What's up, man. Just at a paleontology lecture right now," the response posted to Imgur reads. "I had to rollerblade to make it on time though." These unusual circumstances didn't seem to alarm Sasha, who responded with five taco emoji and the request, "I need ur help." And what do you get when you ask Ross Geller for help? An invitation to Central Perk, of course.
After a series of confusing exchanges, Sasha asked "Ross" for the answers to a sociology assignment, obviously unaware that paleontology is his specialty. By the end of the conversation, "Ross" revealed they'd been assuming the role of a Friends character. Sasha appeared to take it well, responding with a smiling cat emoji. All in all, no harm done — though that sociology homework still remains unfinished.

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