Drake’s New ‘Digital Booklet’ Is Quite Something

The album artwork for Drake’s latest record, Views From The 6, was a bottomless well of meme potential, and we think Papi knew exactly what he was doing. Come on, he’s the most memed man on the internet. So when we rushed to *legally* download Views From The 6, and grabbed some Kleenex, a blanket, and a selection of photos of our ex to set the mood, we had to stop for a moment. Why? Because along with 20 tracks (so far, favourite title is "Fire & Desire"), we’d also inadvertently downloaded a ‘digital booklet’. Stop. What. You’re. Doing. Yes, Drake’s album comes with a selection of stunning, stunning, stunning, photographs.
Like some fur-lined, coiffured modern-day Michelangelo, Aubrey Graham has blessed us with a selection of images so shimmeringly gorgey and thoughtful, that we might print them onto t-shirts and make badges out of them. The reflective selection of portraits see October’s very own lounging around a winter palace and doing that face you pull right after you try a new lipstick on and you're home alone.
Does the snow hint at something larger? A homecoming? Is he getting back to his Canadian roots? Are the snow-filled lawns a reference to his temporary absence from ‘the game’ and in turn a reference to Shakespeare’s words, “How like a winter hath my absence been” from Sonnet 97? Potentially, yes. They’re also an excellent opportunity to display his barber’s PHD in mathematical precision, his intense winter wardrobe, and his decadent penchant for deep-tread rugs.
Here, without further ado, is one typical day in winter, by Drake, for you. Amen.

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