Usher’s Nude Selfie Reveals A Big Double Standard (NSFW)

It hasn't broken the internet just yet, but Usher's nude selfie certainly has people talking. Usher unexpectedly stripped down for fans during an impromptu tour of his house on Snapchat, chronicled over on BuzzFeed. The 37-year-old singer started out by showing off his luxurious digs, before offering the world a sneak peek of the steam room in his house. But that wasn't the biggest reveal. Usher went on to strip naked, imposing the text "blowinoffsteam" on the snap and including a shocked-face emoji to cover his little Usher.
While some may think it's a little weird that after revealing his manhood, Usher just went about brushing his teeth like nothing had happened. Others may be more interested in the double standard in the responses to Usher's very random nude selfie versus, say, Kim Kardashian's. High-profile public figures like Bette Midler, Piers Morgan, and Chloë Grace Moretz seemed outraged by Kardashian's nude picture, and a feud of sorts ensued over social media in its wake. But the overall reaction to Usher's naked photo as of now has been much less divisive. BuzzFeed called the photo "glorious" before making a joke about "blowinoffsteam," while HipHollywood said the picture was "ballsy." On Twitter, fans also seem to be enjoying what they saw, telling the singer it was "appreciated" or that he's a "troublemaker." Of course, not all fans were happy about Usher's strip down. One fan on Twitter wrote, "Usher has young kids. What are his sons gonna think about him being a thot on Snapchat? He's such a bad father. I'm disgusted." But, even this is a pretty chill comment in comparison to the backlash Kardashian faced — as if a man posing naked is more acceptable than a woman doing the same. It makes you wonder what Kim's thinking about Usher's nude selfie right now.

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