A Tale Of Two Zayns, One Of Whom Is A Celebrity Doppelgänger

And now, for some definitive proof that there is no such thing as too much of a good thing. Especially if that thing is pictures of Zayn Malik. Or, at least, pictures of people who look like the spitting image of Zayn Malik, which this guy totally does.

Very rare selfie for you all

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Is that Zayn? No. That is not Zayn. That is Shyan Ranje, a self-described editor and stylist at Da Man magazine (what?) and Vulkan magazine. Furthermore: The following four photos are also not Zayn. They are all Shyan!

Meet up went amazing.. Miss you all! SB: @shemoi

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Emotionally unavailable. Dec 2015 // @micaiahcarter

A photo posted by Shyan Ranje (@shyanhm) on

Just so we're all clear, though, there can be only one true Zayn. Although even he appears to be a little bit confused about having an unrelated twin wandering around the world. Or at least, that's what we're imagining this look on his face suggests. Either way, we're pretty sure Gigi is going to get a kick out of this whole twinning situation.

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