Pretty Little Liars Season 6 Finale Recap: This Twin Reveal Was Deadly

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No one knows how to do a finale like Pretty Little Liars, and tonight was not a disappointment. After viewers commented on how one of the liars should die for seasons now, tonight one of them actually did. Or at least it looked like they did. At the very end of the episode we saw Big A carrying what looks like Hanna's (Ashley Benson) dead body after she (falsely) admitted to killing Charlotte (Vanessa Ray) last week.
We also saw the return of #Haleb and #Ezria. In their time of need both Hanna and Aria (Lucy Hale) turned to their ex-boyfriends, Caleb (Tyler Blackburn) and Ezra (Ian Harding), respectfully. Tonight's extensive look at Haleb's relationship and reunion made the possible death of Hanna even worse. Many characters have come back from the dead on the show. So there's still a chance, right?
We also saw characters we haven't seen in a while, like Detective Wilden (Bryce Johnson) and Mrs. DiLaurentis (Andrea Parker). Plus, after years of waiting for the show to have a twin reveal, just like the books, we got one. Turns out Mrs. DiLaurentis had a twin sister, Mary Drake, who lived in — shocker! — Radley Sanitarium. While there she had a baby named Charles Drake who was renamed Charles DiLaurentis after being adopted by the Ali's (Sasha Pieterse) family.
We can assume that at some point Charlotte found out about Mary, although it's unclear if Charlotte found the paperwork or actually met her birthmother. So CeCe's surname "Drake" was never random. It's actually really weird that Mrs. DiLaurentis never picked up on that. She didn't wonder why her daughter picked that name? She never checked in on her twin sister again? To make things more complicated Ali's husband, Eliot, was in love with Charlotte. And all of a sudden we have our new Big A — or at least a couple of them — Eliot (Huw Collins) and Mary Drake.
This season has at times felt really disjointed from the previous five seasons, so it was nice to see them tie the original mystery into this one. We finally get a twin, and this mystery at least piggy-backs on to the last one nicely.
We did finally get some answers, but we still have a lot of questions. Mainly, IS HANNA REALLY DEAD? The rest of tonight's 29 questions are below:
1. So why exactly are they trying to go after Big A without the police again?
2. Jason (Drew Van Acker) was mentioned! Why hasn't he returned yet? You'd think that with his sister/ex-girlfriend dying, they would have written him in somehow.
3. How did they come up with a plan that involves lying, hacking, breaking and entering, and power tools in such a short period?
4. Why is Nicole (Rebecca Breeds) mentioned in this already crazy busy finale? None of us care about her. We don't know her.
5. That is the second scene with Ali's mom as a ghost, do we think the theories about Mrs. DiLaurentis being a twin were right all along?
6. How can anyone believe Ali's visions are because of pain killers? They've all had plenty of "visions" involving dead people that turned out to be true in the past.
7. How is it possible that they keep forgiving Mona (Janel Parrish)?
8. Am I a horrible person because I would never trust the person who attempted to murder me ever again?
9. Did Toby (Keegan Allen) imagine that conversation would go well? He told his girlfriend that he couldn't attend her mother's election party, because he had to do a secret favor for his ex-girlfriend...
10. Wilden returned! How is he going to play into this?
11. There have been a lot of long-last characters tonight, does that mean we will finally get resolution for our old unanswered questions?
12. Why are all the couples pretending they still like each other? You are clearly all getting back with your exes tonight...
13. Why, Spencer (Troian Bellisario), why? "I love that you care enough to be concerned about my panties" is officially a horrible, terrible line.
14. That was the moment Spencer thought she should say, "I love you" to Caleb?
15. What do Wilden and Mrs. DiLaurentis have to do with each other?
16. That lady just said "thank you, pretty eyes" — is that foreshadowing to Toby being A again? No one calls people "pretty eyes" just randomly.
17. Aria and Ezra, the worst couple, are naturally the first to get back together. WHY does everyone forget that he stalked the girls, wrote a creepy book about them, and serially dated underaged girls?
18. How are they going to lose Ali again? Remember: That already happened in the last finale.
19. Why would Ali go to the creepy church where Charlotte died and Ian (Ryan Merriman) almost died?
20. Caleb packed his bags and left his phone when he broke up with Hanna? He really can't blame her, if he didn't even give her a way to contact him.
21. And there we go — Haleb has officially had their moment. Is Spoby's reunion going to be next?
22. Who is Mary Drake?
23. Was Mary Drake the twin sister of Mrs. DiLaurentis? That would explain why Mr. and Mrs. DiLaurentis adopted her daughter and then lied about the age. Kind of.
24. Why did they ALL leave Hanna? That is actually the worst plan of all time.
25. Toby made it to the Hastings celebration, but didn't go to the party of his girlfriend's mom?
26. Mrs. DiLaurentis has a twin! We finally get a twin! Buy why is she working with Eliott?
27. When did Eliot fall in love with Charlotte — in the sanitarium or during her college/being A years?
28. Why did he have to marry Ali?
29. Since Ali and Eliot were already dating before Charlotte died, does that mean Charlotte's death was all part of a super confusing, horrible scheme?
30. Since I can't help myself — IS HANNA REALLY DEAD?

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